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Minor in Free Enterprise and Ethics

There is an increasing interest and demand from business students for guidance in exploring the ethical pressures, perspectives and conflicts faced in making real world business decisions. In addition, the recent notoriety of ethical breaches in corporate America and political America puts a bright spotlight on temptations that sometimes compromise clarity in drawing ethical lines.

The purpose of the "Minor in Free Enterprise and Ethics" course of study is to help students develop a deeper awareness and understanding of the ramifications of a host of ethical issues, viewed from a variety of economic, societal, civic, legal and personal-value-system perspectives, as they relate to business practice in a free enterprise economy. It provides business students experience grappling with the kinds of realistic ethical decisions they will encounter as practitioners.

In addition, the minor's curriculum is intended to broaden and deepen students’ understanding of all aspects of the impacts of the economic principles of free enterprise on society, the business sector and the individual. In doing so, the collection of course offerings provides comparisons with other prominent perspectives on market behavior and business practices, and focus on similarities and differences in their underlying value systems.