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Offering graduate and undergraduate programs in risk management / insurance and real estate to nearly 500 majors, as well as courses in business law, our programs are consistently ranked among the nation's finest. Especially noteworthy is our Master of Science in Risk Management and Insurance program, the nation's first fully-accredited online graduate program in RMI offered at a major university, and our online MBA concentration in real estate finance and analysis.

Job opportunities in both risk management and real estate have been exceptional. You are invited to take time to visit more of our web site. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our office.


News & Announcements


Spring 2015

The most recent RMI/GIS Newsletter is now available! It contains a summary of the events occurring during the fall semester and highlights some of the accomplishments of our risk management and insurance students and alumni. Click here to view.

Fall 2014

Congratulations to RMI major Britain Dooley! Britain has been selected as one of the seven NAPSLO interns to attend its Convention next month. In addition to attending educational and networking events she will be interviewed for an opportunity to study in London and Bermuda for three weeks during the summer of 2015.

Spring 2014

To keep current students, alumni, donors, and corporate supporters informed of the activities and events of the department and Gamma Iota Sigma, we have created a newsletter that will be published once a semester. The first issue has been completed. Click here to view. If you have any news that you would like to share, a student or alum that you think we should feature in a future issue, or any general comments or suggestions, contact Cassandra Cole at

Fall 2013


Dan Kugler, Assistant Treasurer for Corporate Risk Management at Snap-on Tools, visited FSU recently as part of the Risk Manager in Residence Program. Sponsored by the Spencer Educational Foundation, the program covers travel expenses of a risk manager to a university for the purpose of talking with students about the risk management and insurance industry, career opportunities, and current topics of interest. Dan spoke in several classes, participated in two student roundtables and presented Tuesday evening on the topic "What Does A Risk Manager Really Do?" The RMI faculty and students sincerely thank the Spencer Educational Foundation for the opportunity to host Dan!

RMI majors Britain Dooley and Joseph Walters attended the CPCU Society Annual Meeting in New Orleans in late October, along with students from a number of other universities. The three-day conference included educational sessions on topics ranging from enterprise risk management to workplace violence. There was also a mock trial and several receptions. The sessions and events were designed to be both informative and fun. When asked what session she enjoyed most, Britain remarks “All of the sessions were very informative, but I enjoyed the interactive insurance game show to be the most enjoyable. I found it entertaining to watch distinguished professionals get very competitive with each other when trying to answer questions ranging from workers compensation to proper claims protocol.” While Joseph also enjoyed the sessions, he states “The most enjoyable part of the conference was the impromptu conversations with designees outside of the classes. I was able to network with individuals of great acclaim within the insurance industry.”


Recently, RMI majors Yaremis Chiari-Powery, John Churey, Joseph Neeley, Kyle North, Tim Scollo, and Esther Still joined more than 400 students from universities across the U.S. and Canada at the Gamma Iota International Conference in Charlotte. Activities included professional development seminars, educational sessions, and one of the largest career fairs for risk management and insurance businesses. The conference ended with a reception at the NASCAR Museum. When asked what he enjoyed most about the conference, Kyle says “By far the greatest thing about the conference was the networking, with both students interested in the same field and all the different insurance companies.” Joseph adds “We will all be in the industry at the same time and our early connections can turn into great connections for the future.”
While John enjoyed the networking aspect of the conference, he also states “I enjoyed the various educational sessions put on by industry professionals, specifically in regards to Excess and Surplus lines. These sessions were beneficial given the presenters real world experiences and insight.” When asked if he would recommend the conference to other students, Tim says “I would absolutely recommend this conference to my peers. It is an unbelievable opportunity for anyone interested in the insurance industry.” Yaremis adds “The exposure and the experience you receive from the conference is something I feel is invaluable to an up and coming professional, and is similar to what one would receive once you’re in the working world.”


Thanks to FAIA for their generous donation to the RMI Department through the Good Works Fund! Pictured in the photo are Stacy Sirmans (department chairperson,)and several members of FAIA.  To read more about the organization, visit its website at

Unique Opportunity for RMI Majors!  This fall, the department will be offering a special course in conjunction with the Catastrophe Risk Management Proseminar taught at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in Munich, Germany.  The purpose of the course is to provide majors an opportunity to gain an international experience and develop advanced knowledge in catastrophe risk management, catastrophe modeling, and reinsurance.  Students will be assigned to teams.  Throughout the fall, the teams will check-in with RMI faculty and teaching assistants (doctoral students at LMU) for help on their research papers, and in January, students will travel to Munich for several days of presentations and other activities.  The cost of the travel portion of the course will likely be in the $1500 to $2000 range.

If you are interested or would like more information, please contact Dr. Born at


May 2013

Cassandra R. Cole and Kathleen A. McCullough have been named the new co-editors of the Journal of Insurance Regulation (JIR). Sponsored by the NAIC, the JIR provides high-quality research and offers a variety of perspectives on insurance regulatory and public policy issues.

Congratulations to RMI majors John Churey, Madison Franetic, Joseph Neeley and Haleigh Sport! This year, the Foundation for Agency Management Excellence (FAME) launched its Dream. Risk. Win. Competition.  FAME received 17 submissions from 14 different universities and the FSU team’s project was selected to receive the top award of $10,000 and a trip to the Council’s 2013 Insurance Leadership Forum in Colorado Springs this October.
The competition required students to complete a business plan and video addressing one of three topics.  The FSU team, which was advised by Dr. Cole, selected ‘How to attract and retain young talent within the brokerage industry.’  When asked what she enjoyed most about the experience, Madison says “…coming up with new ideas on how to get students interested in the brokerage industry. It was interesting to hear students respond to various questions regarding the industry and I realized just how little is known about such an exciting field…I also enjoyed meeting other students in my major that share the same passion for insurance that I do.”
Of the experience, Haleigh states, “…one of the weaknesses we identified within the Insurance Industry ended up being one of the things this project strengthened in me and that is keeping up with the technology curve. I learned the ins and outs of filming and editing. I also brushed up on my PowerPoint skills and learned how to make a voice over presentation. I didn’t realize how much prep work went into creating a 2 minute video and the extent of editing that is required to make it look professional.”
All of the students would encourage others to participate in the future.  Joseph notes “(i)t was a huge time commitment but it has paid off in more ways than one and I will take away some great memories from this competition.”  John agrees - “In addition to learning about the problem at hand many other valuable lessons can be learned as well, such as working…with others.”
Madison and Haleigh graduated this spring and have started their insurance careers.  John and Joseph are both interning this summer and will graduate Spring 2014.
If you would like to see the award-winning video, click here.

RMI majors Tim Scollo (junior) and Jordan Solomon (senior) were selected as two of 30 students to participate in the Anita Benedetti Student Involvement Program sponsored by the Risk Management Society (RIMS). The program covered the cost of attending the RIMS 2013 Annual Conference & Exhibition in Los Angeles during the week of April 22nd. During the four-day conference, students attended a number of educational sessions on a broad range of topics including claims management, enterprise risk management, employment risks, and legal legislation. Tim states, “(o)ne activity I enjoyed the most was a career advice panel. It was called ‘If I Knew Then What I Know Now...’, and three younger panelists gave us advice on professionalism, success, and also told us their own mistakes.”
In addition, there was a large exhibit hall filled with hundreds of companies that provide services ranging from captive management to disaster recovery. Of the exhibit hall, Jordan says “I enjoyed the exhibit hall the most. It gave me an opportunity to meet a lot of the industry leaders while enjoying some unique booths.”
When asked if he would recommend attending the conference to other students, Jordan says “I would absolutely recommend the conference to other students. I was able to network with people encompassing all facets of risk management related professions, learn in-depth about various aspects of insurance and risk management, and have a blast doing it all!.....Also the last night at the conference I was able to attend a private party at Universal Studios sponsored by the Marsh brokerage.” Tim also recognized the benefit of interacting with students from other universities. Specifically, Tim notes “(o)ne other aspect that I enjoyed was meeting the other students. We did a lot of things as a group, so I got to know students from other schools. While networking with professionals is very important, I believe that it is also important to connect with other students because I will be working with them someday.”
To learn more about RIMS, visit the organization's website at:


March 2013

RMI top

Along with more than 20 other students from universities across the country, RMI majors John Churey, Madison Franetic, Joseph Neeley, John Plocharczyk and Haleigh Sport attended the 2013 PLRB/LIRB Claims Conference & Insurance Expo in Boston during the week of March 17th.  The conference consisted of close to 100 different educational sessions covering a variety of topics related to claims including cyber liability, catastrophe planning and claims handling, social media exposures, and large loss adjusting.   Of the sessions, Haleigh Sport states “From Fracking to Medical Causations the topics were extremely enriching and educational. It was neat to get the inside scoop on hot topics/ trends that are currently taking place. I was equally impressed with how knowledgeable and qualified the speakers were.”  There were also several receptions which gave students an opportunity to interact with claims professionals in a more causal setting.  Joseph Neeley indicates “every person that I spoke with was very passionate about their job which made me excited to get into the insurance industry after college.”

In addition to the educational session, there was a large expo of claims support companies ranging from accident scene investigators to appraisal firms to salvage specialists.  Regarding the expo attendees, Madison notes “I enjoyed getting to meet not only industry companies, but other people in the industry…It helped me see how other industries are directly effected by the claims that insurance companies face. From floor restoration to companies that adjusters use to investigate a claim, they all rely on the insurance industry to support their business.”  Of the overall experience, John Plocharczyk indicated “I would definitely recommend this conference to all interested students. It gives you another view of what actually goes on in the industry.”

February 2013

Congratulations to RMI majors Jordan Solomon and Tim Scollo! The have been accepted to the RIMS Student Involvement Program and will be attending the RIMS National Conference in Los Angeles in April. The Risk and Insurance Management Society (RIMS) is a non-profit global organization that focuses on creating "networking, professional development and education opportunities" for its members. During the four day conference, Jordan and Tim will have the choice to attend more than 100 educational sessions and network with insurance professionals from around the world.

October 2012

Along with more than 300 other students from universities across the U.S. and Canada, RMI majors Christina Dahn, Madison Franetic, and Haleigh Sport attended the Gamma Iota International Conference in Chicago, October 11th – 13th. Activities included professional development seminars, educational sessions, and one of the largest career fairs for risk management and insurance businesses. The conference ended Saturday evening with a dinner cruise around Lake Michigan.
Of the experience, Madison says “I learned so much about the companies and the industry as a whole. I feel a lot more prepared about what to expect coming out of college as well as what companies expect of us. It was also great to meet other students in the same situation as I am and to see how they are preparing to enter the industry.” When asked if she would recommend this conference to a fellow student, Christina said “I would want another student to have the same opportunity I was given and gain the same success I hope to receive from attending this conference. “ Haleigh adds “It was a once in a lifetime opportunity to…interact with over 300 students that have interests in the same industry and also dealing with the same big questions of life after college. Also, learning from the industry leaders in the educational session was invaluable. It showed me exactly what they’re looking for in their next employee and the qualities/ skills that standout the most to them. I definitely feel more prepared for the future and inspired to go the extra mile this year.”

RMI major Darren Desantis attended the Troy University Excess & Surplus Lines Symposium & Career Fair in Birmingham, Alabama this past weekend. During the conference, he had an opportunity to learn about a unique and specialized area of the industry, meet industry professionals from a variety of companies including Lloyd's, All Risks, and Brown & Brown, and interact with other RMI students from around the country.
Of the experience, Darren says "(t)he E&S market place is hands down the most interesting career path I have come across. I met some great students from across the country & made some excellent contacts. The event itself was very informative with guest speakers not only telling us about their career but what students need to do to get the upper hand. Troy State didn't spare any expense either....I enjoyed the event so much I'm going to inform all the juniors not to pass this up next year, It just too great of an event..."

Congratulations to RMI major Jordan Solomon for passing six more Associate in Risk Management (ARM) exams! He is well on his way to obtaining his ARM designation. To learn more about this designation and others, visit the department website.