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Frequently Asked Questions

Florida State University is a public university; doesn't the State take care of its needs?
FSU and the College of Business are assisted, but by no means fully supported, by the State of Florida. State appropriations account for only a small percentage of the University's budget and support. Declining state support is a national trend facing many public universities.

What are annual gifts, gift commitments and deferred gifts?
An annual gift is a single gift given in a particular year. Most often annual gifts are given to support a program's most immediate needs. A gift commitment (pledge) involves an agreement in which the donor pledges to make gift contributions at specified times, usually annually for three to five years. Gift commitments are often used to establish an endowment for a specific purpose. A deferred gift occurs when the gift is specified to be given sometime in the future, such as a gift from an estate, trust or insurance policy. (more)

What is an endowment?
An endowment is a fund used to establish a long-term, on-going gift. In an endowment, a portion of its earnings are used to fund the need specified, such as a student scholarship, a faculty professorship, or a specific program. The remaining earnings are used to increase the endowment principle to keep pace with inflation. Gifts of $25,000, or more, are needed to establish an endowment. (more)

What options are available to funding a gift?
Gifts may be funded using cash, securities, real estate, life insurance, retirement assets, and other assets. Giving gifts of securities, real estate or life insurance may include substantial tax benefits to the donor. For example, the capital gains taxes on the sale of real estate or securities may be avoided, and the value of the tax deductible contribution maximized, when given as a gift. (more)

What is the program's greatest need?
Our most pressing need is for discretionary funds that can be used to enhance course offerings and support meaningful faculty research. Discretionary funds are used for a variety of program-specific needs, including, for example, the purchase of instructional materials, software, equipment, subscriptions and licenses, professional and institutional memberships, data, as well as to fund student and faculty travel. In addition, gifts to establish eminent scholar chairs and professorships are needed to enable us to retain and recruit world-class faculty, as well as gifts to endow scholarships, fellowships and awards. Without the generous gifts of our alumni and friends, our programs could not retain the national standing they currently enjoy.

What gifts are eligible for matching funds from the State of Florida?
The Major Gift Challenge Program enacted by the Florida Legislature provides matching funds for private endowment gifts to support teaching and research programs of the University, as defined by rules of the Florida Board of Governors. The State's match rate varies relative to the size of the gift as shown: gifts of $100,000 to $599,999 are matched at a 50% match rate; $600,000 - $1million (70%); $1 million - $1.5 million (75%); $1.5 million - $2 million (80%); and over $2 million (100%). To be eligible, gifts must be received within a five-year period. Once a gift is received, the University applies for matching funds from the State. Investment income that is distributed from the total endowment supports, in perpetuity, the scholarly activities outlined in an agreement between FSU and the donor.

Where can I get more information about making a gift?
You can obtain more information by contacting the College of Business' development staff:

Mark Pankey
Associate Dean of Development
(850) 294-1193 direct
(850) 644-0195 fax

Kimberly D. Hankerson
Senior Development Officer
(850) 228-0642 direct
(850) 644-0195 fax

Ryan Dietz
Director of External Relations and Senior Development Officer for Center for Real Estate Education & Research
(850) 228-3867 direct
(850) 644-0195 fax

Sarah M. Collins
Development Officer
(850) 445-8778 direct
(850) 644-0195 fax

Marissa Langston
Director of Alumni Engagement  
(850) 228-5148 direct 
(850) 644-0195 fax

Can I contribute online?
Yes, you may contribute securely online today by visiting the FSU Foundation. If you would like to designate your gift to a particular department or area within the College of Business, please note that on the online form when you are making your contribution.